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Introducing our exclusive O2® liquid supplement with Activated Stabilized Oxygen & LTSM minerals

The Power of Oxygen for Optimal Health

Oxygen plays a powerful and primary role in our overall health and well-being.  It is vital for proper metabolic functions, blood circulation, the assimilation of nutrients, and digestion and the elimination of cellular and metabolic wastes.  Even our abilities to think, feel, and act require oxygen-related energy production.

It is no surprise then that scientists have determined that low levels of oxygen can disrupt the body's ability to function correctly.  “...All chronic pain, suffering, and diseases are caused from a lack of oxygen at the cell level,” states Dr. Arthur C. Guyton, M.D., in The Textbook of Medical Physiology.

Sufficient oxygen helps the body in its ability to rebuild itself and maintain a strong and healthy immune system.  And a growing number of researchers have confirmed that the best way to improve health may be related to the optimum oxygenation of every cell.

Unfortunately, because pollution is everywhere, we don't get enough oxygen just from breathing.  As toxins contaminate the air, they replace oxygen molecules…and this change in the makeup of the air that we breathe is having a direct effect on our health. 

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Are you chronically tired or the lack the energy you used to have?  When you get sick, does it take a really long time for you to get better? 

WHAT IF…you could heal faster and get back to feeling good again?  …you could increase your feelings of vitality and well-being?  …you had more energy and your body could perform optimally? 

Add more life to your years!

Introducing O2 Drops

O2 Drops is our one-of-a-kind formula of bio-available oxygen molecules and essential trace minerals that is going to revitalize your body and improve your health in ways that you might not have thought possible.

The proprietary Activated Stabilized Oxygen in O2 Drops has been the subject of more than two dozen independent research studies at laboratories and at universities all over the world.  Athletes, scientists, educators, and health professionals and practitioners have testified to its safety and efficacy repeatedly.  No other activated oxygen supplement has undergone as much scrutiny and validation.

O2 Drops are completely natural, safe, non-toxic, pH balanced, totally stable, and simple to use. They contain NO artificial colors, preservatives, stabilizers, or dangerous stimulants. They are simply packed with a bio-available form of oxygen combined with the minerals that your body needs the most. 

Start feeling GREAT again and order a bottle of O2 Drops today – with a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee, you've got nothing to lose.

Experience the Benefits

Research testing and clinical use have found that O2 Drops:

  • Can dramatically boosts energy levels
  • May help strengthen the immune system
  • May heighten concentration and alertness
  • May exert a calming effect on the nervous system
  • May help relieve headaches
  • May reduce the symptoms of hangovers
  • Helps improve blood circulation without drug side effects
  • May help the liver in cleansing itself of toxins
  • May help with inflammatory conditions by assisting body in carrying away cellular debris and free radical toxins
  • May promote faster recovery from injury, stress or strenuous exercise
  • May help promote weight loss by increasing energy production and fat burning
  • Can be used for skin and acne care
  • Increases blood flow and oxygen to the skin makes the skin look more beautiful
  • May help relieve the pain and itching of bug bites and skin rashes and promote healing
  • Can be used for dental and oral care
  • Has been used clinically to reduce gum disease and kill bacteria in the mouth
  • May be used as a gargle to relieve sore throat conditions
  • May be used as a nasal irrigation spray to provide moisture and to help control bacteria in the nasal cavity
  • May be used as a completely safe and natural hand sanitizer
  • May be used as a safe biocidal counter and bathroom spray
  • Can be used as a safe vegetable and fruit wash
  • May be used as a preservative for short-term water storage to control harmful anaerobes

What Doctors are Saying

No other Activated Stabilized Oxygen supplement formula has undergone as much scrutiny and validation.

"I believe ASO®, because of its inherent "energy factor" potential, may just be the "Rosetta Stone" that unblocks the pathogenetic mechanisms of disease in general, and provides the knowledge for proper disease prevention management. ASO® Activated Oxygen is not simply an important nutrient supplement, but a dynamic energy molecule." - Menicos A. Spartalis, M.D. Vascular Surgeon

"On behalf of the World Team, I want to personally thank you for your assistance in one of the greatest sporting endeavors ever undertaken. As you probably already know, of the 15 members that participated…11 are going to Sydney! That is an incredible rate of success…you (ASO®) are an important part of that successful team." - Gary Hall, Sr., M.D., U.S. Olympic Sprint Swimming Team

"In short, in both measurable parameters and subjective observations, the test subjects in the group treated with the oxygen supplement (ASO®) experienced the following to a greater degree than the control group: Greater stamina and endurance, reduced muscle fatigue, more energy, less "out of breath", greater feeling of strength, felt that the product helped them perform better." - Eldon W. Askew, Ph.D. Department Chair, School of Nutrition, University of Utah

"I gave it to my patients with tired and rather lifeless skin, with black circles under the eyes, or individuals suffering from eczema and dermatitis. The results were fantastic, and this made me bolder and able to recommend it to athletes, smokers, persons with feebleness, lack of energy, chronic bronchitis, asthma, and to people with frequent viral infections due to a weakness in their immune system, as well as to patients with bed-sores, etc. In all these cases, the results have been excellent." - Dr. Margarita Chilindri, M.D., Pathology and Dermatology

Read countless testimonials from doctors, researchers, and athletes who validate O2 Drops.

There is NO Comparison!

No other activated oxygen supplement formula has undergone
as much scrutiny and validation.

The proprietary Activated Stabilized Oxygen in O2 Drops has been independently tested at a number of universities, by respected scientists, and at highly regarded laboratories.  The research has established that O2 Drops are extremely effective, completely nontoxic, and safe to use as a dietary supplement*.

What's more, for years professional athletes and trainers, including Olympians and World Record Holders, have put the exclusive Activated Stabilized Oxygen in O2 Drops to the test and report that it boosts their performance. If it can work for people who consistently put extreme demands on their bodies, imagine what it can do for you!

Revitalize your body and improve your health!

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